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I always have a softspot for

I always have a softspot for these folks aswell. Although I don't always give them something, I do always wish them a nice day. Sometimes I buy them lunch, or a piece of chocolate. I never give them money, because I don't know where that money is going. The previous guy selling newspapers had a smartphone, and came to work in a car.
Your story hit me though. I can't believe you still got people so devoted in keeping women, even their own children down like that. I can't judge what happeneds in other countries, but if that happeneds here in Holland, you know they're going to find out about college, and internet studies.
I guess her father must've really disliked living here.... >.>

Hi Dennis,

yes same over here, same softspot ;) !! Good how you think about what you give them, because there are lots of them just buying drugs for the money they earn. That isn't assumption that's really a fact. So food is a good option.

Yes it's quite intense that there are still people thinking women are less then men, your own daughter for christ sake, unbelievable.

I think it will take a lot more to get one world, because some people really intensely hate the western world and all their habits.

It's always hard not to judge

It's always hard not to judge these people. In Amsterdam you have many guys who are just begging for money, but refused if I would buy them food. And many times they've looked into my wallet and just asked for more. I'm not a person who wants to judge others without knowing their backstory, but I experienced so many weird encounters which demotivated me giving money. 

I really admire you Cecile! I think you acted awesome in your situation...

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