Habits and customs from Hungary

Habits from Hungary

Hungarian habits are a blend of tradition and modern influences. Here are some interesting details...

  • When you greet, you shake hands. On official occasions, when you greet elderly you bow and give a kiss on both cheeks.
  • Paprika is the most prominent ingredient in many dishes, for example in goulash, paprika chicken or the pancake filled with meat and sauce. And I remember the mother of one of my good friends, who brought her whole trunk back from Hungary full with paprika. A paprika from Hungary is the one you look for, one paprika isn’t the other.
  • Toast on health before you start eating.
  • Hospitality and socializing with friends and family is a habit. Gatherings with food, red wine or coffee are favorite. It is rude to refuse an offer of food or drinks.
  • Hungarians are famous for the bath culture and saunas. Taking a thermal baths is a social activity and a good way to relax.
  • Most Hungarians are superstitious and have beliefs it is bad luck to walk under a ladder on Friday the 13th.
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What are habits?

  • Habits are the things you do regularly without being conscious that you are doing that, its on autopilot.
  • The behaviours become automatic over time, without us realizing it.
  • You have good and bad habits. What in one country can be a positive habit, can be experienced in another country as negative.
  • Habits can play a significant
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