WorldSupporter Magazine of Ja Turla
Travel & Move: 
I travelled to the towns of Mountain Province (Northern Philippines) with my theatre organization back in college to share with the natives a cultural yet modern play that posed a challenging question
about cultural fluidity and preservation.
Experience & Leisure: 
My art
Learn & Develop: 
Maybe my most special experience was when I took a specialist course this year to gain further skills after graduating 4 years ago from college.
Help & Change: 
I have yet to contribute to any international undertaking
Work & Initiate: 
I worked at my country's biggest daily broadsheet and got a chance to write stories about other people and myself.
My Latest Activity
Entries to the Netherlands Exhibit titled Exodus: Liberating Oneself

“Please Bare with Me” series - After years of living in convenience, clothed with soft cotton sheets like a baby, the desire to strip the comfort off myself came to me. I reluctantly gave in at first lest I lose my secure self but being naked and disturbed and uncertain is what made me f...

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