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ExamTickets - How Children Develop from Siegler e.a. - 5th edition

Exam Tickets

  • Genotype and phenotype can be separated because in genotype the word 'gene' is present. Phenotype begins with the 'ph' = physical: external characteristics.
  • A tip to keep crystallized and fluid intelligence apart: a crystal needs a long time to form, so crystallized in...

How does gender develop? - Chapter 15

Sex is the difference between genetic female (XX) and genetic male (XY). Gender is the social assignment or self-categorization as a woman or man (or neither). Gender-typed refers to behavior that is expected for a person's gender. Cross-gender typed refers to...

How does moral development work? - Chapter 14

How does moral judgment develop? The morality of a certain action is not always obvious. The reasoning behind certain behavior is crucial for determining whether that behavior is moral or immoral. What is the idea behind Piaget's theory? Piaget's theory on moral judgment refers to the fact that inte...

What are the influences peers do have on each other? - Chapter 13

In the text below, Peers are people of about the same age and status who are not relatives. Why and how to form friendships? Relationships with peers contribute to the development of a child. Piaget stated that children are more open and spontaneous in expressing certain ideas an...

How is the family influencing the development? - Chapter 12

Which family structures are there? The adult family members having the greatest effects on the development of a child are the members with whom they live together. These members are in regular contact, they support financially and raise the children. The term family structure&nbs...

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