Why and how do we study the development of a child? - Chapter 1
How does prenatal development work? - Chapter 2
What is the relationship between biology and behavior? - Chapter 3
Which cognitive development theories are there? - Chapter 4
The connection between seeing, thinking and doing? - Chapter 5
How does the development of language work? - Chapter 6
How does the conceptual development work? - Chapter 7
What are the aspects of intelligence and how does it develop? - Chapter 8
Which theories of social development exist? - Chapter 9
How does emotional development work? - Chapter 10
In what way does attachemt and the self develop? - Chapter 11
How is the family influencing the development? - Chapter 12
What are the influences peers do have on each other? - Chapter 13
How does moral development work? - Chapter 14
How does gender develop? - Chapter 15
What conclusions can be drawn on basis of the previous chapters? - Chapter 16
How Children Develop by Siegler, Deloache & Eisenberg - BulletPoints (EN)
How Children Develop by Siegler, Deloache & Eisenberg - Practice Questions
ExamTickets - How Children Develop from Siegler e.a. - 5th edition
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