Title: Tired of buying new toothbrushes and looking for a plastic free option?
Tired of buying new toothbrushes and looking for a plastic free option?

Hello lovely person,

If you have clicked on this article because you have read the title and are indeed looking for such a toothbrush, look no further! About a month ago, I was scrolling through my Instagram and came across a sponsored add. Usually, I am very annoyed with these, but this one caught my attention. It was an add about the company The Bam & Boo; a company that makes eco-friendly and sustainable products (and packaging), from bamboo (surprise!), their main product is their bamboo toothbrush. Another great part about this company is that you can choose to not just buy a product, but also to subscribe to it. Basically, this means that you can choose how often you want a product to appear at your doorstep, and you can cancel your subscription at any time. Now I can officially say that I am very happy to receive a new toothbrush every three months for €4,99! Other interesting products that they sell are: cotton buds, a travel case for your toothbrush, straws, and dental floss. If you want to see how you can dispose of your toothbrush, they have made a nice video about that.

I definitely feel a lot better knowing that by such a simple change I will make a lot less waste in my life. If you feel like this won't make a lot of difference, I will simple just use the quote that The Bam & Boo posted on their Instagram page:

""It's only 1 tootbrush" said 8 billion people."



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