Title: It Was Everyone's Birthday
It Was Everyone's Birthday

It Was Everyone's Birthday

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It Was Everyone's Birthday

It Was Everyone's Birthday

April 27, 2013.

So on the day I turned 21, I decided to feed street children and give them a good time. These kids were living by the railroad here in Manila.

Ever since I was small I always had the same kind of Birthday. It was always at the lobby poolside of the condominium in Makati City that I grew up in. It would always be a swimming party since my Birthday is during summer. So on the day that I turn 21 (legal in practically all countries), instead of celebrating in a club or wherever else, I decided that I wanted to help people.

With the help of awesome friends and benefactors who donated items and money we were able to play games, feed and give toys to children. It wasn't just my Birthday that day, but everyone's. Thank you to all my friends who came and helped!

To Malate IEMELIF Church, you guys are so amazing! You give and give and give and prove that you do something to help the community. Thank you for helping us organize everything, for cooking the food and gathering the children! Malate IEMELIF Church is the same group that helps my mom gather people in need when my mom wants to feed the less fortunate, donate clothes, etc.

To tita Naomi, tita Eva Oreta and especially to my mama. I LOVE YOU 3 SO MUCH! It's thanks to my mom and my mom's friend, Eva and Noemi, that I was able to do this and was able to give some joy to children who deserve it even just for a day.

I was surprised with the outcome. Even friends I didn't hear from in a very long time would suddenly text me or message me on Facebook saying they would like to donate money a few days before the actual event happened. With the money we bought food and loot bags with small toys and stationary sets for the children. We had hotdogs, spaghetti, small basketballs, balloons, crayons, small sketchpads, candy, etc. I even had a friend who donated a big box of ensaymada (a local pastry), a friend who donated a lot of sandwiches and juice packs, and a friend who donated 2 gallons of ice cream that we all helped out in serving.

It was so fun and exciting. It was absolutely heart-warming. I tried my best to not bring any attention to me (I didn't want people to sing for me or anything because I wanted the attention to be on the children), but the pastor prayed for me and my family bought me a cake. But I insisted that the kids blow my candles with me and they did.

On that same day I met up with old friends and tried a root beer float for the first time. It was an amazing day I will never forget and I hope the children never forget too.

I've also heard of people who celebrated their Birthdays by visiting orphanages and stuff and I think they're beautiful ideas. Not everyone gets to celebrate their Birthdays so treating others for a change even if it's your birthday is definitely a good change that I would like to repeat again in the future.

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