Title: Fine Motor Skills Activities
Fine Motor Skills Activities

Fine Motor Skills Activities

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Fine Motor Skills Activities

Fine Motor Skills Activities


Education Category: General, Health

Activities for Fine Motor skills:

Prepare the pen grip

Give a group of children a bigger bucket with 4 different kinds of beans (or buttons or bottle heads). Make the child sort the materials in 4 different groups. The child has to grab the beans with a pincer. If you don’t have a pincer let them grab the beans between thumb and pointer.

Scooping with a spoon

Give the child two bowls. One is empty and the other one is filled with seeds or little beans. Make the child scoop the seeds with a teaspoon from one bowl to another.



Give the children their own box with bolts and nuts of different sizes (not the sharp ones) and make them twist the right bolt and nuts.


Bead stringing

Give the children beats and cord. Make them string the beads on the string! Tip: challenge them to make a patron, call the colours or count the beads.


Pouring water

Use a big bucket and little boxes, glasses Tupperware, pale, little buckets etc. Make the children pour water into the boxes, glasses etc.

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