These sheetnotes are based on the lecture notes of Psychology of Advertising at the University of Leiden 2015-2016 and contain updates of the lectures in 17/18 with regard to the lectures of 15/16 In this course the focus lies on the persuasion function: forming, strengthening or changing attitudes through advertising.In this lecture the four stages of processing advertising are explained and for each stage there are different models and stimuli. The nowadays way of advertising is more effective, because influencing emotions works better than having to process all the information.ABC effect stands for affect, behaviour and cognition.Perceptual fluency: the things that are, for example, are easier to read feel more flued. Fluency gives a more positive feeling and also contribute this feeling to the brand.Focal attention face.Salient stimulus: are different from environment, it’s context and therefore possibly interesting. Everything that's been said in the lecture can also be found in the literature. It is important to know what the four different stages of processing advertisement are and what models and other defenitions belong to those stages. Lecture 2 this year was lecture 3 last year. This lecture is all about attitudes, what the are, how they are formed and what influence it has on our behaviour. ...

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