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Hello there and welcome to the blog with a bit of a misleading name. I have been living a student’s-life for several years now and have become fairly good at it. That’s to say, at the studying bit. If you ask me where the best bar is, I will have to answer with an awkward silence. Unless you want to drink an unhealthy amount of tea, I fear I can’t help you. What I can do is give some tips and tricks about studying. I am a full-on psychology-nerd with an interest in clinical psychology that is just not good for anyone. In this blog, I hope to make studying a bit easier. I will write exiting blogs about searching literature (exiting is a huge overstatement) and other subjects that I hope will not only be helpful, but also won’t bore you to death.

Have fun!

Bundle items:
Tips for searching literature
Feeling better during corona-times
Silly things I do that help me study.
Voel ik mij evenwichtig?
Psychology at the uva
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