Post-traumatic stress disorder


This is a bundle about Post-traumatic stress disorder. In this bundle, it is described how post-traumatic stress disorder is diagnosed and some theoretical background.

Bundle items:
Predictors of Post-traumatic stress disorder - a summary of two meta-analysis
Reformulating PTSD for DSM-V: Life after Criterion - a summary of an article by Brewin, Lanius, Novac, Schnyder and Galea (2009)
Testing a DSM-5 reformulation of posttraumatic stress disorder: Impact on prevalence and comorbidity among treatment-seeking civilian trauma survivors - summary of an article by Van Emmerik & Kamphuis (2011)
Comparison of DSM-IV and proposed ICD-11 formulations of PTSD among civilian survivors of war and war veterans - summary of an article by Morina et al. (2014)
A cognitive model of posttraumatic stress disorder - summary of an article by Ehlers & Clark (2000)
Psychological theories of posttraumatic stress disorder - summary of an article by Brewin & Holmes (2003)
Psychological disorders
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