Baseco Fire Accident

          Today I’m going to share my experience in giving donations to the people who is affected of the fire yesterday in Baseco area. There are approximately 120 families who are affected of the fire. Mostly everything that they have is gone. They didn’t save anything aside from the clothes and the things that they are wearing that day. Our house almost got burned down when there is a brown out in our area and we don’t have a choice but to use candles. It’s a terrifying experience for me and also to my family. If I’m in their position I really don’t know what I will do.

          In the meantime the victim of the fire they are living in the evacuation area of Baseco and there is DSWD Coordinator who is giving them foods. After going to the evacuation are, we walk to the houses of the people who is burned down by the fire. When we got there, we were welcome by the smell of the fire yesterday that is still there. There are still people in the area that is getting all the things that they can sell to the junk shop for money. We gave donations like clothes that we don’t need and also bags, undergarments and also food. We bought canned foods, instant noodles, 2 trays of egg, 2 gallons of water and 1 sack of rice to the sari sari store near in the area so that we can also help them by buying from them even though it’s more expensive than buying in the market. After we gave them the donations we really felt good because we saw the smiles in their faces. I hope that they will keep on fighting and doesn’t lose hope.


"With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts."

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