A day for Everyone

          March 5, 2019, we had our team day. We had a beauty team that will go here in the gallery to give our tour leaders and baseco recycle workers some treat. The purpose of the team day is to get to know each other and to have a relaxing day for the tour leaders and for the baseco recycle workers. At first I was so nervous because I’m the one organizing the event so I need to make this event successful and at the same time joyful for them. While waiting for them to finish and waiting for the beauty team to arrive, we entertain first the baseco recycle workers. We ask them about their jobs, when did they start, and how is it being a recycle workers. We also talk about the WEP organization itself. We had a lot of fun talking to them. When the beauty team arrived I started organizing things, checking if the food is complete the things that they need etc. around 1:00 pm we started eating, we had a lot of food. It makes me happy to know that everyone enjoyed the event. I hope that it become a memorable day for them. 


"Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy"

- Guillaume Apollinaire


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