What to Do When Your Body’s Imperfections Make You Feel Insecure

We all have imperfections. Here’s what you can do when those imperfections affect your self-confidence.

Identify Your Imperfections And What Is Causing You To Feel Less Than Perfect

Insecurity or a low self-confidence doesn’t happen without a reason. For most people, it’s the belief that they are somehow lacking in comparison to others that makes them feel insecure. Generally, people are pretty aware of what things they consider imperfect about themselves, especially adults. It could be anything from a lack of a professional degree to not being able to afford a certain brand of clothing, or something more related to their physical appearances like a weird smile or small breasts. If you are not aware of the roots of your low self, try figuring out the things you subconsciously try to hide. It’s also important to pay attention to what is causing you to feel insecure about it, especially if it’s a “who”. In the case of the later, it’s always best to cut away ties with those who pour negativity into our lives.

Taking The Appropriate Measures To Feel Perfect In Your Eyes

Once you have identified what exactly it is that you feel isn’t perfect about you, you can take the necessary steps to ensure that those imperfections are corrected. A lack of educational qualification can be changed by working to gain those qualifications. Not having the required language skills to speak a certain language too can be sorted the same way. A crooked smile (chipped teeth, gaps or yellowing teeth) can be righted by a dentist, and breast sizes can be improved by breast augmentation or breast reduction operations. All you need is to take the first step.

Learning To Accept What Can’t Be

And while we believe that to become more confident people generally need to feel like they have got rid of those “questionable” attributions, it is also true that some of these qualities or flaws simply cannot be changed. Certain kinds of acne, the speed in which you learn, having a weird laugh…these are all things basically out of your control. If you happen to have a certain attribution you feel is imperfect, and it cannot be improved, controlled or gotten rid of, then the best solution for you would be to learn to accept these flaws. It’s hard to do so, we won’t even bother denying¾but it isn’t impossible. 

Rising Beyond What You Feel Is Imperfect

Those who only hate on you will always try to bring you down with what troubles you. If they find an insecurity of yours, it will definitely be a disadvantage to you. The best way to prevent this from happening is to make sure to rise above these flaws. If those flaws make no difference to your peace of mind or happiness, then rest assured that no matter who makes fun of you or tries to be negative about those flaws, you are strong enough to fend them off with ease.


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