intervieuw with Juliet

I interviewed Juliet Akonyani, she is the daughter off the family that I lived with. She has 1 sister and 2 brothers. So we have met each other in the family. When I first came to the family Juliet wasn’t around yet, because she was at school. She arrived at home in my fourth week in Ghana.


In Ghana most of the people have a Cristian name, but they also have a Ghanese name. Juliet is het Cristian name, but I also wondered what here ghanese name is.


What is your Ghanese name?                  Mandiaya

How old are you?                                          17 years old

Where do you live?                                      In Wulugu that is a place in the north of Ghana nearby Bolga.

Are you going to school?                            Yes

Where are you going to school?             In Bolgatanga

What school are you going?                      Bolga senior high

What are you studying?                              Art

What are your university plans?             I don’t know it, but my dad wants me to become a docter

Are you Cristian or Moslim?                     I’m Cristian

Do you believe in god?                                               Yes

Do you know that there are people       Yes I know

That are not believing in God?

What do you think of that?                       In my mind it doesn’t matter, but I really think that everyone                                                                 should believe in god, because he really exsists.


After I asked this question Juliet told me that she thought it is weird that most of the volunteers that are coming there do not believe in god. So I asked her if she had ever heard off the evolution theory, but she had never heard of it. I tried a little to explain it, but I didn’t want her to feel weird so I told her that there are a lot of people that are believing in the evolution theory.


What did you thought of me when

We first met?                                                  I thought you were a little quiet, but very nice.


And what did you think of me,                                Now I think that you are very nice. You helped us a lot and

When we get to know each                      gave a lot.

Other a little more?                                     


What is your daily program when          In the morning I have to prepare the food for my

You are at home?                                          Grandfathers, after that I have some time for myself, but for                                                                 lunch I have to prepare food again, also I need to do the                                                                           laundry for my family and myself. Most of the time everyone                                                                               has done that for themselves but my grandparents don’t. In                                                                                the evening I have to prepare food again and sometimes I                                                                               need to go to the market to buy some stuff. The rest of the                                                                   day I can decide on my own what I can do.








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