Last sunday I gathered all my "not being used" stuff together to sell at a local flea market. I want to make a big world supporting trip next summer again so I need to start saving up money to travel and support several local costs I have in my mind. 

I sold for over $125,00 euro, pretty good start for my world supporting trip savings. Moreover, at the end of the market a man walked by with big yellow trash bags, he asked if I wanted to donate the clothes I did not sell at the end of the day for the "blijf van mijn lijf huis". Of course I said yes, and I filled two big bags for the man to take. Unfortunately I didn't had a camera on me and my phone was empty so no pictures.

I was really touched by the man his great initiative, he told me they had more then 50 volunteers going to all different flea markets to ask for textile to donate. So great to see that there are people with such big hearts to support those wo do not have it as good as most of us. I told him about my love for world supporting and all the things I've done to make the world a better place! It as such an inspirational moment to share our world views.

Love Cecile

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