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In Costa Rica, i met a lot of interessting people. Volunteers, locals and tourists. Everyone had their on vision on what i was doing here. The one that can say the most about what i was doing here was Akash Kotecha, volunteer from England working on a project in San Jose at the same time i was here. Instead of interviewing a local i decided to interview Akash since he had been in Costa Rica for allmost a year. He can relate to my ideas and project cause we worked together and he hepled us realizing our dreams in Costa Rica through our foundation.

Right here, is the summary of the dialog i had with him last week discussing our time in Costa Rica, voluntering and talking about his view on ''supporting the world''.

Akash Kotecha (19), United Kingdom

Working at a project in San José that helps abused children.


What did you do during your time in Costa Rica?

I worked as a volunteer at a project in San Jose Costa Rica with abused children. I took care of them during the day. Helping with lunch and playing games with them to develop their creative side and forget about the past a little.

What will you do back in England to keep working on ''a better world''?

I want to talk to people about what ive done and how it changed me and the children. That its a beautifull experience and the the smallest things in live can make a huge diffrence. I want to help your guys' foundation too and see what i can do for you in England off course!

What motivates and inspires you to keep doing this?

Well, my experiences in Costa Rica really helps me to see what i can do to change the world in a positive way. This inspires me a lot to keep doing this. And i a lot of people i met in Costa Rica have inspired me in so many diffrent ways. It really was an eye-opener for me to be honest. What started as a gap-year turned into allmost a year of voluntering around San José.

How do you try to inspire other people doing what you do?

I will definately tell people about my time as a volunteer and let them know how important it is to contribute to making the world a better place in what way so ever. It can be such a small thing, but if everybody does a little thing.. the outcome can be huge. I also have a blog, mostly for family and friends, where i wrote about my experiences in Costa Rica.

In what way did you change during your voluntering work in Costa Rica?

I think that is difficult to see now. I became more mature i think but the real change i hope to see when im back in England. It definately changed my view on the world and what we can do to change it.

Do you consider yourself to be a global citizen?

Yes i definately am! I felt English, Tico and global citizen the last months and will keep this feeling i think. In some way i think we all are.. Wheter you want it or not haha.

Any tips for other people that are thinking about working as a volunteer somewhere?

Dont wait, do it! Its a GREAT experience and you will see it will help so many people in so many diffrent ways. Besides that you meet so many great people that will inspire you and make you have the time of your life! I have met over 100 new people i think and have not met one single person that regrets doing volunteer work here.. Do it, really one of the best choices of my life. 

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