Trash is a big point of view regarding to our world, especially our world support. Not so long ago we discovered we are polluting the world so bad that we are literraly trashing up the globe. Although lots of initiatives have started since the awareness of the huge influence of trash it can never be enough. That is why Gregory Kloehn, an artist from California, designed trash houses for the homeless; "Dumpster homes"

With discarded materials Gregory designs lovely looking little houses for the homeless to have some sort of shelter, especially during the night. Kloehn gets this trash form illegal and commercial dumping-grounds to recycle it into liveable spaces. His inspiration source was the charming Charlene, who is homeless for over ten years now. She asked Kloehn for a canvas, but he did not have one. He felt so guilty that he build her a little house, her respond was so outragous that he new he had to go on with this and make more people happy.

I love how one single person can have such a big heart, and can be so involved in making the world a better place for everyone. Gregory increases the Quality of Life of others without wanting to have something for it in return and that makes him such a compassionate fellow-creature.

Source; Treehugger

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