Sort of Happy

Because my sister cried reading the former blog, I will write the funny situations, even though in Tacloban.

One of the organizors said to a child in dirty clothes: Mass is starting you have to change clothes! The boy looked funny and said, that is not possible, this are my only clothes I have!

One night I brought out the drinks. Just to celebrate life and to share stories. In my naiveness, after hearing a lot of stories people telling me about losing their roofs, I asked one of the guys, did the typhoon also ruin your roof? He said my whole house is gone! I stay with my neighbour now. Oeps. We started talking, tears were wasted, he cried. I hugged him. The evening was okay.

Out of all the stories, it was made clear, that the typhoon was heavily underrated. That will never ever happen again.

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