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So in my last blog I mentioned the good sides of MicroCredit and this time we'll be talking about Kiva.

Now Kiva is a MicroCredit site where you can loan money to small business owners in the developing world. These loans are then also paid back to you. This way they can invest in things like cooling boxes, or shopwindows, or extra market stalls, without having to pay interest. But here's the best part. The guy who made the site is co-founder of LinkedIn and he gives 'everyone' who signs up a free 25 dollars to invest in whatever business owner they like. Of course this money is then paid back to you. So you can keep loaning money to people without it ever costing you a cent!

This is MicroCredit done right. You get to directly invest in someone's future and there is no risks. I encourage you to visit their website at and check it out for yourselfs.

This charity was brought to my attention by the Vlog Brothers. One of the biggest Youtube channels around. These guys have done so much for the world and therefor I'd like to introduce you to them in my next blog.

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Hi Dennis,

I already new about KIVA and I think you are absolutely right, it's an amazing initiative.

And I've heard nothing then good things about it, because I think people are quite sceptic about investing money in development countries, afraid their money will not get to the people they really need it, but with KIVA it's so obvious the money is spend good.

Love the little youtube movie you've put with it, didn't know about them definitely gonna watch them more.

Have a great day,

xx Cecile

Thank you, Cecile! You too!

Thank you, Cecile! You too!

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