The Philippines: can you bring Dutch social allowances to the Philippines?

Can you rely on your Dutch health insurance when working in the Philippines?

  • If you work abroad your Dutch health insurance becomes invalid. You will have to insure yourself using an international insurance or a local insurance in the Philippines.
  • Depending on your specific job regulations may differ. Make sure to check with appropriate governmental institutions beforehand.

Can you bring Dutch social allowances to the Philippines?

  • Philippines is one of the countries with whom the Netherlands does not have a treaty for social allowances.
  • This means that in most cases you will not be able to bring your social allowance to the Philippines.
  • If you stay in the Philippines for less than a year, you are officially still a resident in the Netherlands. This means there is a possibility you are able to receive social allowances, depending on the type of social allowance you receive.
  • Compensation received through the Health Insurance Act -due to for example physical disability- will not be remitted in the Philippines.
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The Philippines

The Philippines consists of 7,107 islands, of which only a part is inhabited. You will find many Bounty beaches and an amazing underwater world where you can snorkel with whale sharks, for example. Visit one of the small uninhabited islands and imagine yourself in paradise or climb one of the many volcanoes. The Philippines has great differences between rich and poor and has a great cultural heritage. For example, visit the

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