Spring yes or no?

Did spring start or not start yet?

Personally I am not so fond of the winter time and I always get excited not having seasons at all (or only 2, dry and wet) and the start of spring. On march 21 it is spring in my opinion, but there is an earlier spring date dedicated on march 1. Even better psychologically for the feeling of more light, sun, time outside and flower bulbs coming up, trees getting leaves. How is it possible and what date is correct? There is a so called astronomic calendar, which declares the start of the seasons and there is a meteological calendar every year at the same date.

Wat is the difference?

The astronomical season is the time of the season that the sun is at the equinox. This is most of the time at a clear time and date, most of the time around the 21st of the month. 

The meteorological season isnt depending of the weather circumstances, that are just dates at the start of the month. It is easier to keep track of all the seasons. 

Astronomical calendar (considering you have four seasons and per year it sometimes changes one day or so)

Spring, march 20

Summer, june 20

Autumn, september 22

Winter, december 21

Meteorological calendar (start of the season, always on the same day)

Spring, march 1

Summer, june 1

Autumn, september 1

Winter, december 1

So for me spring has started! Using the meteorological calendar. Since corona I am trying to learn about kitchen gardening (moestuinieren vertaling in het engels kende ik niet) and march is the time to put seeds in the ground. 


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