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Social Psychology - Chapter 14

How and why does supportive behavior and cooperation arise? - Chapter 14 Prosocial behavior is defined as any behavior whose immediate purpose is to help someone else. This can concern everyday, small things as well as heroic deeds. Just as with aggressive behavior, it is the intention with which be...

Social Psychology - Chapter 13

What are the characteristics and causes of aggression and conflict? - Chapter 13   Aggression Aggression is described as the behavior with which someone intentionally does another harm. Conflicts are often the cause of aggression. A conflict is the perceived incompatibility of certain goals or ...

Social Psychology - Chapter 12

How do you create and change friendships and (love) relationships? - Chapter 12 Attraction Research shows that the feelings that someone has about his or her relationship is the most important thing in life for most people, more important than health, money, and career. The biggest challenge in rese...

Social Psychology - Chapter 11

How do group members influence each other and the group? - Chapter 11 Groups differ in the level of interaction and interdependence. Interdependence means that the thoughts, emotions and behaviors of each group member influence other group members. Social facilitation Sometimes the presence of other...

Social Psychology - Chapter 10

How do norms and behavior influence each other? - Chapter 10   Norms We have now learned that norms are not the only mental representations that influence our behavior (attitudes do that too). Usually, norms and attitudes work together to steer behavior (this is explained later in this chapter)...

Social Psychology - Chapter 9

How do standards and conformity influence each other? - Chapter 9 A social group is a group of people who share characteristics or traits. Examples of this are interests, age and gender. A "face to face" group consists of two or more persons who interact and influence each other. Social norms In gen...

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