Text: What are WorldSupporter Text & Stories, and how to create or use them?

What are WorldSupporter Texts & Stories?

  • WorldSupporter Texts and Stories can be created in the format you prefer:
    • Statements: Opinions, Proverbs, Quotes
    • Stories: Blogs, Interviews  Personal Stories, Diaries
    • Tutorials: Instructions, Teaching Materials
  • Get inspired by others on the overview page or read Jessica's blog on Why and how to blog

How does the WorldSupporter text editor work?

  • Behind the scenes, a web text consists of HTML code, the icons at the top of the text field help you to convert simple plain text into a richer format.
  • It is possible to cut and paste text from Libre Office or Word, for example. Since these are not web editors, this is not optimal and some 'dirty' or 'unnecessary' HTML code that is invisible to the user is often added.
  • Preferably create your stories and contributions directly on WorldSupporter or another web editor.
  • For longer texts it is often useful to insert a heading structure. Place the cursor on the line you want to convert to a headline. Click on the desired 'heading' under the 'format' heading. Please note: Heading 1 is intended for the page title, so your first heading is normally a 'Heading 2', although you are free to use smaller headings.
  • Do you want to add an image within your story? Then make sure you save it in a reasonable format on your own computer. For displaying in the text, a width of 700px already fills the page - 200px is approximately as wide as the right column on the content pages
  • The WorldSupporter text editor leaves a lot of room for creativity - but your readers will often appreciate a structured/moderate application of styles…

How to add this content type?

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