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Mini CV
Travel & Move: 
Guadeloupe geek. Hitchhiked Martinique.
Van-hopped Barbados, Met Helen of the West Indies. Explored the jungle of Suriname, familiar with the Curaçao life. Europe is my second home, my backpack is my first. My roots are in Utrecht, the Netherlands, but I try to spread my leaves as far as possible. Next up: Guadeloupe and Costa Rica.
Experience & Leisure: 
Take me to the waves and we'll be friends.
Take me to the jungle and you'll have trouble finding me back.. I like every sport expect for the ones that should be practiced in the cold. I try to use my songs and guitar to connect with people to say things languages can't.
Learn & Develop: 
I've learned that I can only find myself when I get lost. Studying could be fun some day, but right now I focus on the freedom.
Help & Change: 
When you've had enough you might as well share with others that had not.
Work & Initiate: 
Active in tourism. My favourite job ever is back in the Netherlands where I'm a guide on the canals of my home town, where I take people to explore the water and medieval surroudings in canoes.


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