WorldSupporter profile of FreiaK
Travel & Move: 
I was born and raised in Honduras, my mother tongue is Spanish. I am half Honduran/half Dutch. When I finished high school I moved to the Netherlands.
Two years later I moved to the Philippines for my internship. I have to say that living in different countries and being exposed to so many differences have made me grow and become the person I am now.
Experience & Leisure: 
I love traveling, watching movies and listening to music. Some of my best experiences while travelling have been meeting interesting people.
A Dutch girl that spoke Spanish with an accent from Madrid, an Argenitinan guy that lives in London that was travelling all around South-east Asia are just a few. Exchanging stories and anecdotes with them is definitely a unique experience...
Learn & Develop: 
I study International Business in Arnhem and as part of our programme we get to choose two countries.
I found an internship opportunity here in the Philippines and will live here for a total of 5 months. After that I will do my exchange semester in Italy. The aim of our programme is for us to get in contact with three cultures, experiencing the differences and learning about ourselves and others.
Help & Change: 
I am currently doing my internship in the Philippines. I work with WorldActivity Philippines and Smokey Tours in our offices in Manila.
Work & Initiate: 
With my internship I work with Smokey tours.
Smokey Tours is a tour operator in Manila that offers several tours although our signature tour is the Smokey Mountain which takes people through one of the biggest slums in Manila. Going to this area on a regular basis and being in contact with the people living there has made me appreciate more what I have (not in terms of material possessions). I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to study and travel while others have to work so hard to be able to feed their families.
My Latest Activity

I study at the HAN in Arnhem and I am part of a group of students that writes a newsletter that is sent twice every period. Unfortunately the link is only available for students or personnel of the HAN (this is why I only included the screenshot). However the hard copy is shared with more people.


httppublic://blog/  (It can be read under the "Manila" tab)