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Travel & Move: 
Are your travelling around the world and like to meet other World Supporters? You can leave a message in one of the blogs or other contributions, or place a request
Experience & Leisure: 
Students from more than 100 countries are using World Supporter Summaries & Study notes.
Some of them use World Supporter for sharing Teaching Tips so volunteers and local teachers can use for free materials that has proved to be succesful. You can read more on the Teaching Tip pages
Learn & Develop: 
I support the JoHo World Supporter 'Summary Bank' so students from less developed countries can use summaries & study support for free
Help & Change: 
I collect all older study notes that might be of use for students all over the world
Work & Initiate: 
Some students use their spare time to help others with their studies, or give additional lessons to fellow student . Are you one of those students?
Please make a profile (magazine) and let other World Supporters promote your activities


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Events, Recipes and Tips to Inspire, Travel, Study, Work or Move Abroad

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Supply and Demand of Volunteer jobs, Manpower, Travel Gear, Teaching Materials & Study Materials

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