Title: Lesson 2 on Healthy Nutrition
Lesson 2 on Healthy Nutrition

Lesson 2 on Healthy Nutrition

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Lesson 2 on Healthy Nutrition

Lesson 2 on Healthy Nutrition


Education Category: Health
Ages: 0-4, 4-8, 8-12, 12-16, 16+


This booklet guides health workers to educate children about healthy nutrition, in an appropriate way.

Note: the discription below describes lesson 2 of an educational program on healthy nutrition. In total the program comprises 5 different lessons, which are all available in the World School Bank. Please find the program's introduction as well as extra lesson 2 material attached.

Lesson 2 – Personal experience of Filipinos


  • Paper and pencils
  • Internet for a song


  • Read through the lesson
  • Prepare questions to ask the children

Getting to know the students
In this lesson it is important to familiarize with the children you are working with and to get an understanding of their home situation. This improves communication with them, which will hopefully result in a better cooperation of the children concerning the program.

What needs to be done
The children have to make a simplified drawing that represents their life. Ask them to draw their home, the food they eat and their family members for example.
Ask them to explain their creation to each other. This creates community feeling. Students tie up and help each other out during the program. Working together is more fun than alone and will presumably lead to a better result.
It is time to form a circle. Show them a song and let them sing a-long with ‘The Food Song’ and the attached lyrics:
Now every student has to explain his or her drawing to the class and to you. Discuss their home situation and their diets at home. Ask them which foods they enjoy or dislike, and most importantly: why?

In the previous lesson, students learned what a good diet should contain. Ask if they have ideas how to improve their diet and try to find out if they are willing to realize that.

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