Title: Interview with Zhexi
Interview with Zhexi

I have chosen to interview Zhexi, a very important volunteer at Huiling. Zhexi is like me, 20 years old, and currently is a student in United States. His hometown is Beijing and he has spent his summer here as a supervisor at Huiling. He is in charge of many activities here and the trainees really enjoy his company! It was very interesting to ask him about his goals in life and why he chose to do the work that he does here at Huiling. 

What's your name and how old are you?

- My name is Zhexi and I will be 20 next month

And what kind of work do you do here at Huiling?

- I am in charge of this group called 'Three Primary Colours'. This is a group for people with slight intellectual dissabilities. So they can do their own work, also make their own products. 

What kind of activities do you do here? What is a normal day here for you?

- A normal day is when I arrange daily activities for them. I hold morning meetings and also the conclusion meetings. And I also control their behaviour. Sometimes I also make some small handcrafts, some products by myself. 

Why did you want to do this kind of work?

- I'm actually a college student in the United States. Right now it's my sophomore year and right now I am taking my summer break. Actually, when I first arrived here, I worked as a volunteer for four months last year. Right now when I come back, I am familiar with everyone here so they gave me this job to take part in this group. 

That's nice! So what do you think is important about volunteering and the work that you do? And also for other people to do this?

There are many people that are weaker in society and we need to help them. Why I volunteer is because I just really love to stay with them. It's always happy here and they are living an easier life than us here. I think I am alway happy to be with them. It's so much better than staying in my room playing computer games every day during my study break!

What do you study?

- Environmental Science. They always say it has no relation with this job.

But it doesn't always have to stay like that! What would you like to do when you finish your studies?

- Probably something related to an environmental program. Like getting a job for some companies that do environmental projects. You know the pollution in Beijing is kind of troublesome. 

Quite troublesome, yeah! So would you want to get work here? Since you study in the United States? 

- Yeah. I really want to solve those problems. I want to get work that can link me between this place and the United States. I don't want to lose contact with any of these parts of the world. 

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