Samenvatting Politiek van de Europese Unie Universiteit Leiden jaar 1 Bachelor Politicologie blok 4

Summary Politics of the European Union 



  • History of european integration

  • Know how institutions work

  • The main theories of european integration

  • Be able to contextualize and analyze current events


Lecture 1: the history of the European Union 


Early 20th century

  • Treaty of versailles

  • League of nations


Ww2 caused:

  • Economic devastation

  • Political weakness

  • Divided continent

  • Failure of treaty of versailles is known

  • Exploration of new interstate relations


Change of political climate:

  • Combatting nationalism

  • New political map of Europe

  • New international power balance

  • Division of Germany


Change of the economic climate

  • Bretton woods monetary system:

  • IMF

  • World Bank

  • General agreement on tariffs and trade

  • European recovery program (marshall aid) 


Differences between the western European states

  • All states joined for hard-headed national calculations always prevailed

  • European integration helped the nation state


Institutional developments

  • Organization for european economic cooperation > 1948

  • The council of Europe > 1949

  • NATO > 1949

  • The European coal and steel community > 1951

  • The European defense cooperation > western European union > 1954

  • European Economic Community > 1958

  • Organization for economic co-operation and development > 1961

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