Critical thinking a concise guide by Tracy Bowell & Gary Kemp, fourth edition – Summary chapter 7

Fallacies are arguments which make use of a mistake in reasoning. They do count as arguments, but are faulty arguments. There is an inappropriate connection between premises an conclusion. Formal fallacies are fallacies where there is an inappropriate logical connection. Substantive (informal) fallacies involve reliance or unjustified assumptions or inferences. Substantive fallacies are different from unsound arguments in the sense that the false premise is of general nature and has nothing to do specifically with the subject.There are several formal fallacies:Affirming the consequentThis is affirming the consequent and using this to reason that the antecedent must be true because of this.--------------If A, then BB--------------ADenying the antecedentThis is denying the antecedent and using this to reason that the consequent must be false because of this.-----------------If A, then BNot A-----------------Not BDeriving ought from isA prescriptive conclusion cannot be validly derived from purely descriptive premises. Base rate fallacyThis is neglecting the base rate to make a conclusion.There are several informal fallacies:Majority beliefThis is concluding that the proposition is true on the basis that the majority beliefs that the proposition is true. Common practiceThis is concluding that the proposition is true on the basis that ‘everyone does it’. Gambler’s fallacyThis is concluding that the probability of winning something is increased because of previous events (e.g. roulette ball falls on red twice in a row, so it must be black now).Ad hominemThis is responding to a claim by making an attack upon the person or by rejecting a claim because of dislike for the person making the claim. Ad hominem circumstantialThis is believing an argument is discounted because the person making the argument would allegedly benefit from people believing the argument (e.g. academic want more students because they will have more...

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