Strategic Management (B&M) - RUG - Practice exam (3)


Question 1

Michael Porter argued that when analyzing opportunities and threats, managers should pay particular attention to five forces that are the major threats that an organization will encounter. Which of the following forces would be affected by your customers' loyalty to your products?

  1. The level of rivalry among organizations in an industry

  2. The potential for entry into an industry

  3. The power of suppliers

  4. Substitute products

Question 2

Which of the following best describes the concept of the learning curve?

  1. Time-to-market decreases as a function of the number of innovations developed.

  2. Technical performance increases in an S-shaped curve as a function of effort.

  3. The ability to learn is normally distributed across firms (i.e., a bell-shaped curve).

  4. Cost per unit drops as a function of the cumulative output (total number of units produced).

Question 3

The competition among firms in the same strategic group will be ________ between firms belonging to different strategic groups even if they sell similar products or services.

  1. similar in intensity to that

  2. more intense than that

  3. less intense than that

  4. variable in intensity than that

Question 4

An independent group of suppliers, such as farmers, gather to form a cooperative in order to sell their products to buyers directly, replacing their previous distributor. This is an example of

  1. forward integration.

  2. backward integration.

  3. threat of substitute products.

  4. threat of entry.

Question 5

Which of Porter’s generic strategies is associated with a narrow market scope and commodity products?

  1. Cost focus

  2. Differentiation focus

  3. Cost differentiation

  4. Differentiation

Question 6

Which of the following is true regarding a differentiation strategy?

  1. A firm selects a unique position on one or more attributes (dimensions) that are important to buyers in general.

  2. A corporation is split into a number of different strategic business units (SBUs).

  3. A single firm develops a broad portfolio of products targeting

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