Strategic Management (B&M) - RUG - Practice exam (2)


Question 1

Which characteristics describe monopolistic or imperfect competition?

  1. Some to vary few firms, high differentiation of products

  2. Some to vary few firms, low differentiation of products

  3. Many firms, no differentiation of products

  4. Many firms, some differentiation of products

Question 2

According to the lectures, which of the following best describes the relationship between Porter’s Five Forces analysis and the PEST analysis?

  1. A PEST analysis focuses on process issues while a Five Forces analysis focuses on content issues.

  2. A Five Forces analysis describes the industry (i.e., the micro-economic environment) that the firm is in, while a PEST describes the broader (macro-economic) environment that the industry is in

  3. A Five Forces analysis describes the external environment, while PEST analysis describes the internal environment of the firm

  4. The findings from a Five Forces analysis provide the input (the data) for a PEST analysis

Question 3

According to the lecture on organizational learning, which term refers to key individuals or interest groups using their power to prevent change and maintain the status quo?

  1. Co-evolutionism

  2. Institutionalism

  3. Neo-institutionalism

  4. Isomorphism

Question 4

What strategic options in decision-making are available to organizations that have a low knowledge of new markets, but have high capabilities?

  1. No options

  2. Trade options

  3. Bounded options

  4. Full set of options

Question 5

Imagine an SBU within a corporate portfolio that has the second largest market share in a mature market. According to the lecture on the BCG-matrix, this SBU would be a:

  1. Dog

  2. Questionmark

  3. Cash cow

  4. Star

Question 6

Henderson and Clark (1990) review two kinds of dynamic processes in modular systems: modular innovation and architectural innovation. Which statement(s) is (are) true?

I Modular innovation retains the architecture of the network, including its joints, but modifies the modules. The changes occur in innovations and improvements of the modular components.

II In architectural innovation, the modules are largely unchanged, but the architecture... Interested? Read the instructions below in order to read the full content of this page.

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