10 Hobbies That Can Actually Drive You Money

When bored, most people will do things they like or hobbies. There are those who like sports, painting, shopping, eating, and so on. Well, of the many hobbies, there are many hobbies that can turn out to be jobs. Whether it's a permanent job or a side job, these hobbies have the opportunity to bring in money for us. Of course it's very fun isn't it, being able to do what you like and get paid for it. Here are some hobbies that can bring you money:

10. Traveling

Do any of you have a hobby of traveling or traveling? Traveling can be done not only abroad, it can also travel within the country. Who knows there are interesting tourist spots that are not yet well known. This traveling hobby can also be used as a job that brings money for the hobbyist.

Traveling, of course, we will capture every interesting moment with photos and videos. You can upload the photos and videos on your blog, website, or social media. You can tell us about the places you visited. Starting from the location, the right time for sightseeing, costs, and typical food from the area you are visiting.

9. Eat

Eating is one of the important activities carried out by humans. Without food, we can starve and die. However, nowadays eating is not only used as a primary need but a hobby. When bored, go somewhere and hunt for food that is interesting to try. The feeling of boredom is gone, the stomach is also full.

Instead of just eating and walking away, try occasionally uploading photos of the food or even videoing your trip while hunting for the food. You can turn this hobby of eating into a job. The job in question is a food reviewer. Besides you can eat good food, you can also earn extra income.

8. Playing Video Games

Almost everyone likes to play video games. In the past, playing video games could only be done at home, now playing video games can be done anywhere. This is because many gadgets have been created to play video games on a mobile basis. Even our smartphones can also be used to play games.

The hobby of playing games is also a way to earn money. Do you know Pewdiepie? He is a YouTuber who likes to play video games and upload them to YouTube. You can also become like Pewdiepie if you do it seriously and diligently. You don't have to upload to YouTube, now there are many platforms that can be a place for you to stream games.

You can check why playing video games is good for you here.

7. Music

Who doesn't like music? If your heart is sad or angry, listening to music can be an option to get rid of a bad mood. We can take the time to karaoke to sing the songs we like. Or even for those who have the ability to play a musical instrument, the studio can rent it for a certain period of time and play any musical instrument you can play.

Because nowadays almost everyone has what is called social media, those of you who have a hobby of singing or playing a musical instrument can try uploading when you sing or play a musical instrument. If you're embarrassed to do it yourself, try doing it with friends. If successful, you can get money and popularity from music.

6. Mechanics

Automotive is now not only owned by men. There are also many women who have a hobby in the automotive sector. Because it's called automotive, it means that it could be a hobby of motorbikes, cars, or both. This passion in the automotive field does not rule out the possibility of making someone like it by disassembling or modifying the vehicle they own.

You can just take advantage of your abilities in disassembling or modifying this into something that brings money. You can become a mechanic or even open your own workshop or shop. Of course, by doing a hobby that you like and make it a job, doing it every day will certainly not get bored easily.

5. Video Editor

Behind a video there must be someone called a video editor. The task of the video editor is to edit a video, can add an effect, reduce brightness, or increase color. In essence, at this moment various efforts are made to make the video good before uploading it to a platform.

Those of you who have skills in the field of video editing or even a hobby of doing video editing, can make this a job that brings money. An experienced video editor can get a large fee from the client who hires his services. With more and more people vlogging, of course, you will need a video editor. And you can offer the services and fees you want to those who need the services of a video editor.

4. Fitness

More and more here appear various kinds of diseases that are ready to attack anyone. Those who are not in good health can get sick. Once sick, it takes money and time to return to health. To prevent this from happening is to do sports. And one of the sports that can be done is gym.

There are many people who now like to go to the gym or fitness. Not only healthy, the body can also become more ideal by lifting weights in the gym. But lifting weights can not be careless. You need a technique so you don't go wrong and get injured. This is where we need a fitness instructor. Those of you who have been a hobby of the gym for a long time certainly have a lot of knowledge. Take advantage of this knowledge and try applying to become a fitness instructor.

3. Cooking

One more thing that has to do with eating is cooking. If eating food outside the home continuously includes wasteful, cooking your own food at home can be a solution. Cooking yourself at home is not only cleaner and healthier, you can also experiment with what foods you want to make.

For some people, cooking is a hobby. If you are someone who likes to cook and experiment with food, you can share your recipes on video or in written form. By doing this, you can earn extra income from your cooking hobby.

2. Write

There are many people who have a hobby of writing that can turn out to be successful. In today's era where technology has advanced, people can write something on social media, blogs, or even websites. The hobby of writing can be learned self-taught. You can learn a lot and read articles on the internet can make people understand how to write properly and correctly. 

For those of you who want to make extra money and do have a hobby of writing, you can use this as a solution to earn extra money. Frequently upload your writings to websites, blogs, or social media and get the attention of netizens. If one post doesn't work, try again and again until you get what you're after such as better writing and language skills, fans, and jobs.

Check out how to make money by writing in website through SEO here!

1. Photography

Another hobby that can bring in money is photography. Photography does not require one to have to use the latest camera, complete lenses, and expensive prices. For starters, you can start with a simple tool, namely a cellphone. Today's mobile phones are equipped with advanced features such as digital cameras.

We can learn to take photos using a cellphone camera. Objects can be anything that is around us. From frequent practice, we certainly understand more about photography. By utilizing social media such as Instagram, Pinterest, and so on, we can upload our shots and take advantage of them.

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