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When I was around the age of 15/16 (23 in the meantime) I went on a vacation trip to Romania with my parents in wich we met up with my family. Me traveling to Romania isn’t anything special since I go there every year to see my family. This time around we decided to also meet up with some friends we know from the Netherlands. We went on a sixish hour drive to reach the village where our friends were settled. At this point I was a very happy kid because I could meet up with three of my friends (the children from my parents friends) as I started to bore myself at my grandparents’ home.

Arriving in the village we spent about two days at their place having a very nice time dining, hiking, visiting the Transylvanian culture and simply having fun together. After these two days my vacation took a huge turn in the sense of excitement, we went to a wooden cabin on top of a mountain completely separated from electricity, internet and heating (it was summertime so none was needed). We were surrounded only by nature and its beauty. We brought our own food, drinks and fruits which we preserved cold in a natural water source which came out of the mountainside. The water was extremely cold which made it perfect to preserve the fruits and drinks until dinner time. This water source was also very refreshing for face and hand washing which was done quite frequently because it was a hot summer day.




I have memories of seeing a pack of horses feeding on the area around us. As i have heard, the horses are owned by a hunter in the area but are free to roam where they want to go. They usually hang around the mountain and feed on the greend landscape the mountain offers. When looking at the horses its clear that they were wilder because they were bigger than the usual ranch horses.





As the day passed on dinner time started to close in, the adults started the fire for the barbeque and soup. We made the barbeque from scratch by gathering dry branches to start the fire. After we all enjoyed the barbeque, me and one of my friends went to grab a watermelon from the natural water source. The watermelon was freezing cold after being kept for so long in the water which made it very enjoyable to eat. When the sun started to go down the adults went in the woods to gather big and dry branches from which we made a very big (controlled) fire. It was such a nice experience to lay outside in a sleeping bag and watch the stars while the fire kept you warm. Most of the people we went with remained outside and slept by the fire while enjoying the refreshing nature air and the nightly beauty of the stars.




This experience changed my way of looking at wildlife and nature. It made me realize that the beauty of nature needs to be preserved so others like me can experience moments that will always be memorized by them. 



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