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I tried to link the song to the Worldsupporter Song tab below here but it did not work so that's why I'm putting the song up here with its URL.

The song I really like to nomanite for the title of Worlsuppporter Song is the song Hold my Hand, from Michael Jackson and Akon. The song is about helping each other when you are in need and the message is that we have to take care of each other. It is exactly the message I would like you to give when we're talking about doing volunteer work or contributing to development aid. Therefore this song suits my attitude towards volunteering perfectly. The song involves children and elderly, the vulnerable groups in society which we should not forget in caring for. I hope you will enjoy watching the video, it's beautiful.

Here is the link:

There are some more songs I would like to show here but they will come up later as I will try to upload for example the National Anthem of Malawi which we sang when we were in Malawi. They will pop up on my Youtube Channel probably.



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