Drawing the Line

Since I prefer porridge over bread, I decided not to add bread to my Live-Below-the-Line-Grocery-List. I felt it would also save me buying butter (Jep.. I really like butter on my toast.. sue me) and some kind of spread.

What I didn’t realise was how few of the products I bought are ‘ready to eat’. Which is kind of a problem when you hop on a bus at 8AM on Monday morning, get home at 10:24 and are off to work again by 10:27. Not able to cook myself some lunch in 3 minutes time I simply fetched one banana and two carrots, finished everything by 12AM and ended up .... being hungry at 1PM.

Sooo... Living Below the Line means planning... not only when to eat what, but also when to make what... Check!

By the way, to force myself to say ‘no’ to most food in my house, at work and well... basically everywhere is quite refreshing. It makes me realise how often I normally would be able to say ‘yes’.. Whether or not I indeed choose to do so is something different.. but if I wanted to... I could...

On Monday morning I ate oatmeal porridge, from water, cinnamon and ginger powder (quite nice really!). I ate one carrot as a snack and had ‘banana and carrot’ for lunch.

By the time I got home from work I was almost past the point of feeling hungry (go tummy go!) and cooked some pasta... well to be honest I was graving for warm comfy food so badly I cooked about 1.5 times the amount of pasta I would normally use. I made a pasta sauce from 1 can of tomato paste, 3 cubes of spinach and 1 carrot (see picture below).

Tuesday started off with... a 5km run (milestone!).
I made a double portion of oatmeal porridge from rice milk (rice will be the star of my next blog, for sure), cinnamon, ginger powder and honey. I ate one portion for breakfast and ate the other for lunch at work.

Or well.. I basically used the ‘lunch porridge’ as an early dinner meal since I wasn’t feeling that well at work and kind of skipped lunch all together. I finished my bowl of oatmeal just before heading back home, where I decided to eat the strawberries instead of cooking an entire meal since I wasn’t that hungry. ...  I was however two hours later, with a stomach communicating something like ‘I am ready to rumble... food please... really ready... like.. now... hallo? ....HALLO!?’.... So I decided to ate ¼ of a banana and ended up finishing the entire thing...... still hungry though...

So, two days down.. three to go... Tomorrow I will try to bake some rice pancakes for breakfast (with no eggs.. interesting) and maybe prepare a pasta salad for lunch.

Bye bye!

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