Interview Scholier

Hello, what's your name?


Hey, my name is Saliza.


How old are you?


I'm 17 years old.


How does the school system works in Malawi?


you start with the nursery school, then you got the secondary school. When you have finished that you can

go to the primary school. you've got 4 classes in the primary school. And then, if you want, you can go to



How many lessons do you got on 1 day?


It's a bit weird, but we have got lessons in the morning and than there are other classes who are having

their lessons after the morning. So you have to go to school in the morning or in the noon. And normally

you have around 6 lessons a day.


Are you happy that you can go to school?


Yes, very happy. Without school I will never reach what I want to reach. 


Are you playing any sports?


Yes, I play soccer and I really enjoy it. 


Thank you for you time


No problem.

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