Animal Dice

Education Category: Games
Ages: 4-8

A fun way to encourage a child's imagination. With this activity children will make their own 'critter dice'. A six sided, animal themed dice.

Animal Dice

What You Do:

    1.  While your child is drinking the carton of milk or juice, encourage him to help you find pictures of his
        six favorite animals. Use stickers or go to a zoo website and print off photos of six animals such
        as a kangaroo, a giraffe, a boa constrictor, a giant tortoise, a flamingo, a crocodile, or whatever
        else comes to mind!
    2.  Once the cartons are empty, cut the tops off so that you have open topped cubes. Get your young
         crafter wash and dry the cartons.
    3.  Slip one open cube over the other like a box and lid.
    4.  Next, help him cover it with construction paper, gluing or taping the paper into place.
    5.  Now it is time to cut out the animal photos. Have him glue one on each side of the Critter Cube.
    6.  Let the glue dry and then you and your child are ready to play. Did you roll a kangaroo? Then it's
         time for everyone to get hopping!

Expand on this activity by having each player perform a different action that the animal would do.
A giraffe can gallop then stretch down low to drink or reach up high to eat leaves.
The last player to add an action to the round gets to roll the dice to figure out which animal comes next and what it does!

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Encourage childrens imagination, inspire storytelling and acting. 




  • 2 small cartons such as single-serving milk or juice cartons or half and half cartons
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Construction paper
  • Pictures of 6 different animals (stickers or online photos from a zoo site will work)
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