The Vlog Brothers

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As promised in my last blog... 2 weeks ago (oops sorry for the delay!) I wanted to talk to you guys about something positive! So I figured I might bring up these two. Known as the Vlog Brothers on Youtube. These two brothers started out by simply sending eachother a vlog a few times a week so that they could stay in contact with eachother.
Turns out both of them kept bringing up some really interesting subjects all within the span of a 4 minute video and slowly but surely they got a loyal Youtube following.

With their succes came a responsibility to do something and they decided to use their influence to help the world. Since then they started several new channels, teaching people history, chemistry, biology and more! All for free. Not only that, but they were vital in promoting KIVA. The subject of my last blog.

Last Christmas they were holding 24 hour livestreams to raise money for charities aswell. So if you ever find yourself with a couple of minutes to spare, look them up! I'm sure you'll be interested.

Video of the day:

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