Typhoon in Philippines

!!GIRO 555!!
The country where I had the experience of a lifetime, is now badly affected by typhoon Haiyan... All my friends in Manila, Knk Phils and the children are safe as far as I know, but on the other side of the country so many people have died. My dear friend Daryl grew up in the area that is now devastated. After 48 hours not hearing from her family, she decided to book a flight to Tacloban to search for her family and provide first aid. As a miracle, she has found her family alive but the house she grew up in, is almost completely destroyed. She reports dead bodies everywhere, a dead child was awashed in what used to be their former living room... The survivors of the typhoon fear starvation and violence now, because there is water, food and medicine lacking. I know the Filipino's as the most strong and resilient people in the world, but they can't cope with this alone. Are you willing to help?
!!GIRO 555!!


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