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    Why should you take out specialized travel insurance for a long trip abroad?

    Why should you take out specialized travel insurance for a long trip abroad?

    Why should you take out specialized travel insurance for a long trip abroad?

    • Regular travel or health insurances often only cover trips for a maximum number of days (for example 60, 90 or 180 days). This limits your flexibility!
    • Your health insurance from back home may not offer any coverage abroad or only in specific hospitals.
    • During a long trip you might undertake special activities like paid work or volunteering. Regular travel insurances usually don’t cover these kind of activities. The same goes for adventurous sports like skydiving, scuba diving and bungee jumping.

    Volunteer or intern abroad insurances

    • Working as a volunteer or intern offers a great learning experience. Meet new people and make a difference! You will develop your knowledge and skills, as well as that of others. You will gain international skills, contribute to a better world and gain useful experience for on your resume.
    • However, just like at home there is always a chance that something goes wrong during your time abroad. Such as sickness, accidents, stolen luggage and of course things that can go wrong back home that you may ned to return for. 
    • If you have the right travel insurance it will help you financially and offer help when you need it.  On this page you can read about how you can make sure you’re properly insured before, during and after your work as a volunteer.

    Why insure specifically as a volunteer or intern abroad?

    • Volunteer projects, foundations , NGOs & local companies typically don’t have suitable insurance. Even if they do, it might only be valid during your time at work and not during your daytrips.
    • Regular travel insurances often don’t cover volunteering abroad or your work as an intern
    • Volunteerwork & internships often involves doing work for which you are not trained or have little experience doing. This might result in a higher chance for accidents.

    Why insure medical expenses abroad with an emigration or expat insurance?

    • Being well insured while living or working abroad is important. Sometimes the new country of residence has a good national health care system, but this is certainly not always the case. As an alternative to the national health insurance, an international (expat) insurance is a frequently used replacement, with a number of advantages: international coverage, reimbursements and conditions, often according to high standards, worldwide coverage and flexibility. A number of good and affordable options are listed below.

    Check out more about




    Emigration checklist for legal and insurance matters


    FAQ - Health Insurance when studying in The Netherlands

    FAQ - Health Insurance when studying in The Netherlands

    When do you need to apply for a basic health insurance when studying in The Netherlands?

    • The Dutch Health Insurance is obligatory for residents of The Netherlands. Students who are temporarily visiting are an exemption, but the moment you're working or getting paid for an internship or voluntary work this might change.
    • If you're an International student and you are just here to study you usually don't need a basic health insurance.
    • The moment you take on a (part time) job you need to get a health insurance however. You can choose any insurer.
    • When you're doing your internship in The Netherlands, you only need to get a health insurance when you're getting paid more than the minimum wage (so it's usually not the case).
    • If you're an independent worker (zzp'er/freelancer) the rules are less clear, and you'll be asked to check with the SVB to do a WLZ check to know if you are obligated to get the basic health insurance.

    Can I apply for care allowance (zorgtoeslag) as an International Student?

    • If you are required to get the basic Dutch Health Insurance (basisverzekering) you can also apply for the care allowance.
    • Usually this will cover most of the costs of your monthly insurance payment.

    When to apply for private health insurance for your time in The Netherlands.?

    • When you are here for a temporary stay and not getting paid for a part time job, there are still situations when you would like to get a insurance.
    • This can be the case when your own health insurer doesn't cover (enough of) the costs in The Netherlands.
    • You can then apply for a Student Insurance, such as the OOM Studying in The Netherlands insurance.
    • This insurance is not a basic health insurance, so you can't apply for the care allowance. Usually the prices of these insurances are between 20 and 30 euros a month.

    Where can I find more information about this?

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