Q&A Developmental Psychology [Universiteit van Amsterdam]

Q&A Developmental Psychology [Universiteit van Amsterdam]


You might ask: why should I trust JesperN with my questions? I will give some bullet points as to why it might be useful:

  • I have made the same exam you are going to make and have passed the course with a 9.5.
  • I have specialized in Developmental Psychology.
  • I am doing the Clinical Developmental Psychology Master's degree at the University of Amsterdam.
  • I work as a psychologist in a school setting, meaning I am actively applying all the knowledge from the course in the field.


  • When you want to optimally prepare for your exam, it can be very useful to ask questions about the literature.
  • Formulating these questions, reading the answers to your own questions and the questions that others posed make your learning process more active which, in turn, enhances your ability to remember the material.
  • It is thus super useful to ask as many questions as you might have, not just for yourself, but also for others!


  • On this page we discuss questions students have with the 2021/2022 course "Developmental Psychology" at the University of Amsterdam
  • You have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have and I will try and answer them
  • On 28/1/2022 you can ask questions between 14:00 and 15:00!
  • I will be online during that time and will try to answer all your questions live
  • If for some reason I need some more time to prepare an answer, I will make sure to answer in the couple of days following the questions, so you still have plenty of time to prepare for the exam afterwards
  • Please be nice :). I have put in a lot of effort in this


  • You can ask your questions, read other's and view the answers in the comment section on this page, below
  • I am looking forward to your questions!


Questions and answers are in the comment section below! ↓

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