Raymond Corsini describes how a prisoner’s life changed when he was told that he had a high IQ. Why does Dr. Corsini consider this psychotherapy?Although Sigmund Freud is generally called the “father of psychotherapy,” describe the contributions of his key predecessors and contemporaries.Imagine that you are a beginning psychotherapist. Describe how you would utilize advances in neurosciences to inform your treatment approach.Many attempts have been made historically to categorize or classify mental illnesses. Discuss the evolution of these attempts from beginning to current. Yalom suggested that, much like cooking, it is the ________ that often make all the difference in psychotherapy."throw-ins"techniquecontentprocess The ________ tradition suggested that only a psychological approach could provide an understanding and treatment of mental disorders.psychikerpsychoanalyticbehavioralsomatiker Paul Meehl called job stresses, financial concerns, troubled children, angry spouses or in-laws, difficult colleagues etc.:stressorsreal-lifecontext-dependent stochastologicalshassles The expression of certain genes that results from their activation by specific but common environmental events is referred to as:heuristicsmacrogeneticsevolutionepigenetics Hippocrates considered the ________ to be the seat of knowledge and...

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