Christmas Party at Baseco

          Hey guys! Just want to share to you guys what happened on the Christmas party that we conduct for the children of Baseco yesterday (December 17, 2018). It’s my first time to attend a Christmas party like that. It’s like a gift giving. We want to share all the blessings that we had. Especially to the people who really needs it. We want to make them forget all the hardships that they are currently experiencing. Even if it’s only for a day I hope that we make them feel better and happy.

          We start the program by teaching the kids to make a balloon origami by the help of the Japanese volunteers Hayano-chan and Natsuko-chan. We had games such as quiz about Christmas day and also stop dance. After that we gave them our gifts. Each bag has clothes, toys and hygiene essentials that they need. We also gave them fruits. Before we said our goodbyes we make sure that we have a picture that will remind us how we spent the day with the amazing and strong children of Baseco. 


"Be someone's strength. Be someone's inspiration. Be someone's reason to never give up."