Scientific & Statistical Reasoning – Article summary (UNIVERSITY OF AMSTERDAM)



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Bundle items:
Borsboom & Cramer (2013). Network analysis: An integrative approach to the structure of psychopathology.
Borsboom et al. (2016). Kinds versus continua: a review of psychometric approaches to uncover the structure of psychiatric constructs.
"Cohen on item response theory” – Article summary
Cohen on the science of psychological measurement” - Article summary
Coyle (2015). Introduction to qualitative psychological research.” – Article summary
Dienes (2008). Understanding psychology as a science.” – Article summary
Dienes (2011). Bayesian versus orthodox statistics: Which side are you on?” – Article summary
Eaton et al. (2014). Toward a model-based approach to the clinical assessment of personality psychopathology.” – Article summary
Foster (2010). Causal inference and developmental psychology.” – Article summary
“Furr & Bacharach (2014). Estimating practical effects: Binomial effect size display, Taylor-Russell tables, utility analysis and sensitivity / specificity.” – Article summary
"Furr & Bacharach (2014). Estimating and evaluating convergent and discriminant validity evidence.” - Article summary
“Furr & Bacharach (2014). Scaling.” - Article summary
“Gigerenzer & Marewski (2015). Surrogate science: The idol of a universal method for scientific inference.” - Article summary
“Halpern (2014). Thinking, an introduction.” - Article summary
“Kievit et al. (2013). Simpson’s paradox in psychological science: A practical guide.” - Article summary
“LeBel & Peters (2011). Fearing the future of empirical psychology: Bem’s (2011) evidence of psi as a case study of deficiencies in modal research practice.” - Article summary
“Marewski & Olsson (2009). Formal modelling of psychological processes.” - Article summary
“Meltzoff & Cooper (2018). Critical thinking about research: Psychology and related fields.” - Article summary
“Mitchell & Tetlock (2017). Popularity as a poor proxy for utility.” - Article summary
“Nosek, Spies, & Motyl (2012). Scientific utopia: II. Restructuring incentives and practices to promote truth over publishability.” - Article summary
“Pearl (2018). Confounding and deconfounding: Or, slaying the lurking variable.” - Article summary
“Schmittmann et al. (2013). Deconstructing the construct: A network perspective on psychological phenomena.” - Article summary
“Simmons, Nelson, & Simonsohn (2011). False-positive psychology: Undisclosed flexibility in data collection and analysis allows presenting anything as significant.” - Article summary
“Shadish (2008). Critical thinking in quasi-experimentation.” - Article summary
“Dennis & Kintsch (2008). Evaluating theories.” - Article summary
“Van der Maas, Kan, & Borsboom (2014). Intelligence is what the intelligence test measures. Seriously.” – Article summary
“Willingham (2007). Decision making an deductive reasoning.” – Article summary
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Missing summary

Hey I think one of the summaries is missing. In the list, it says there should be two summaries of the Diens articles (2008) but I can only find one.

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