Various internship possibilities for international students in the Netherlands

It is relatively easier for Dutch speaking students to find good internships. The language is always going to be a major factor for English-speaking students trying to find an internship in the Netherlands. There are internships for those with no knowledge of Dutch at all but you will certainly enhance your prospects if you make the effort to learn at least a little of the language. And the more Dutch you speak, the better your prospects will be! If your school in your own country doesn’t have any contacts in the Netherlands to find you an internship, there are several internship agencies which can match you to a suitable company in the Netherlands. Have a look at the organizations below

Abroad Internships

Abroad Internships provides various internship possibilities for EU students in the Netherlands. For example in the field of hospitality, marketing or business. They also offer assistance with housing, visa and insurances.

Stage Global

Stage Global has multiple internship opportunities in Amsterdam. Internships are in almost every field of university education. They offer assistance with housing as well.

Do you know more organizations that offer internship opportunities in the Netherlands for internationals? Leave a comment below!

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