Title: Move My Heart - Trinity
Move My Heart - Trinity

Some places in this world are dark. Famine, misery, poverty, war....it seems impossible to live your life or even to survive. There's such a gap between those places and me. I've seen such places, I've seen people fighting for there lives.....the looks of children wandering around the streets...the eyes and the touch of a girl left alone victimized of rape....I just couldn't escape their eyes, eyes which were filled with grief. No justice, just desperate for mercy and desperate for grace. It makes the tears run down your face. Yet there is this one thing called hope. Hope is the one thing that keeps you standing, makes you see the good things in life. Without hope you lose everything. Their hope is in God. Remember it isn't what you have in your pocket that's important, but what you have in your heart.Therefore make sure your heart is filled with the right content. 'Move my heart' is a song written by trinity which touched and inspired me...the song is really worth its title. Listen closely to the words and let your heart be moved as well

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