Energy coach for one day and for life now...

The Energybank (Energiebank) is a national organisation with different departments in the Netherlands, helping people with energy advice, coaching and tools. I went with my two friends who work there, one day to help in my own area The Hague. In one day we visited 16 people in the Schilderwijk in Den Haag. My colleagues had seen the people before and had a talk about energy and gave advice how to make some concrete changes.

When it is cold and you put the heater on, don't block your radiator with your couch. And do you have foil behind your heater on your outdoor walls? Against the heater and not taped on the wall? Did you know you can use magnets instead of double-sided tape, this makes it so much easier! Those simple solutions all make a difference in your energy bill. But you have to know how to put it, and when you are alone and don't have any help? When you don't have extra money to start saving money? The energy coaches will come to you, families in areas and certain rental houses are selected and we visit you. What a beautiful initiative.

We have changed a lot of lamps into LED lights. I didn't know the difference between spaarlampen, gloeilampen and LED lights, only that the energy use of LED lamps is cheaper. When your lamp bulb is getting hot, it is definitely a bulb you should change. The lights are not cheap, so to change multiple lamps is for a lot of families not easy.

It was amazing how happy people were and hopefully save a lot of money on their energy bills. It is understandable that it is hard to go from two times a day a shower of 25 minutes to a 5-minute shower, but when you know how much cheaper your energy and water bill can be it is a strong motivator. A lot of people also think that having a freezer is very cheap since you can buy groceries in bulk, but the costs can be as high as 2 euros a day, that is 60 euros a month, some people were shocked and will think what to do in the future. 

All together for a more sustainable Netherlands, not only for your own wallet but for everyone in the long run. It was an interesting day.

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