How To Teach Your Kids To Love The City You Live In

Whether you’re trying to get your kids to love the city you grew up in or the city they’re growing up in, the below tips are bound to make your kids grow fonder of your city.


Image Source:pixabay

It’s Not About Teaching…It’s Showing

First off, it’s never about teaching. Gaining the interest in something and then the love for it is never something children will achieve through guidance or force. It’s something they need to see and experience. Show them how much you love your city, give them a reason to think about it. Are you excited to go home? Show them that. Talk to them about the fun you’ve had as a child or the fun places that they can visit…or even the places they’ve visited as children. Refresh their memories.

Play The Tourist Once In A While

This is something we all need to do once in a while, as it gives us a new appreciation for what is ours. Play the tourist in your own city once in a while. Visit the popular tourist spots and the spots that only locals know of. Find a few activities that will be fun for kids as well. Remember that even the most ordinary places can be turned special when you add memories to it¾be that it’s your own childhood memories or the memories you will help your children create with you.

Allow Them To Play The Tour Guide

Do you have friends or relatives visiting you from out of town? If so, it’s the perfect opportunity to allow your child to be a tour guide. Help them make a list of their favourite spots in your city or the spots that the visitors will find interesting. Make sure it’s a fun tour for everyone involved by having a variety of activities in it. This can even include visiting with their friends to make things more personal for them. Remember, this will only be a successful plan if your child happens to like those who are visiting, or it’ll just be a chore to them.

Help Them Make Lasting Relationships

Most times, it’s not the places and the buildings that have our heart, but the people living in it. If you want your child to grow fond of your city, and want to visit it as often as possible, help them make lasting relationships. Friendships with neighbours, friends and cousins are an easy way to achieve this. Make sure said relationships flourish even in their time away. Provide them with the means of communicating with them. While video calling is our personal preference, you could even try the old-school method of emailing or letter writing¾provided your child is interested and patient enough to wait for the reply!

Bring In The Food Factor

There is nothing that can endear a place to you more, than the food you find their exclusively. Why else do you think children are so fond of their grandparent’s house? Build the hype and talk about your favourite foods, showing them your excitement to eat it as the time to go home draws closer. Make sure to get them to try it out as well; be that it’s your favourite local restaurant or local fruits you grew up with.